Alix Lopes

IIN Certified Health Coach, Homeopath

Alix Lopes has been using homeopathy for her own health and wellness along with successfully assisting her family and friends since 1988. Alix has completed a professional program in classical homeopathy from Teleosis Homeopathic School in Watertown, MA. Alix served two years as student representative for Teleosis with NASH from 2012-2014.

Currently, Alix participates in ongoing local professional programs provided by CCH and RShom certified homeopaths and is studying with Will Taylor, MD via Whole Health Now to continue her certifications.

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Education and Membership:

NASH- North American Society of Homeopaths
NCH- National Center for Homeopathy
BowenTherapy Introductory Course 2015
IIN Integrative Nutrition, Health Coach
Wheaton College, BA

Our Team:

Kristina White, CCH

Certified Classical Homeopath

Kristina has been practicing homeopathy since 2010 and has a passion for working with adults, children and animals looking for relief and resolution of symptoms associated with mental and emotional challenges in the areas of grief, depression, anxiety, anger and addiction.

Kristina also serves as the Wellness Coordinator at PAACA of New Bedford, a resource center for addiction and recovery. Kris believes that both conventional and complementary healthcare are imperative to each of us to lead healthy and happy lives. Kris encourages her clients to investigate the value in all healthcare options and determine what works best for your individual needs.

Kris is an avid believer in empowering people to understand your own individual health needs and options on a daily basis. In addition to private consultations, Kris is available to visit your business, organization, farm, animal rescue or home to provide homeopathic workshops and education on the benefits of homeopathy, stress reduction, self-care and other natural health solutions for people and animals. 

Kris can be reached @

Education and Membership:

CCH - Council of Classical Homeopathy Certification
NASH- North American Society of Homeopaths
NCH- National Center for Homeopathy
Stonehill College, BA-English/Psychology